Select from any of the products listed below or we can develop your own formulas to provide you with an exclusive item for your niche market.

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  • BZ Odor Eliminator
    Fragrance-free odor eliminator for organic, biological, and other causes. Excellent for removing the smell of tobacco smoke.
  • De-Limer
    Removes mineral deposits and stains while it cleans. Safe on all appliances, metal and non-porous surfaces. No offensive odor.
  • Auto Fresh
    Designed specifically for odors associated with vehicles, like mold and mildew in air conditioners and typical passenger mishaps.
  • Perm Mystique
    Enhances the wave actuator while solving the chemical odor problem.
  • All Purpose Degreaser
    Pots, Pans, Hoods, Vents, Walls, and anything else in the kitchen.
  • Glass & Surface Cleaner
    A multi-surface, non-streaking formula without ammonia.

Veterinary Care

  • Pet Vet Derma Care
    Helps heal and eliminate annoying "hot spots" on pets.
  • Pet Odor Eliminator
    Odorless, non-toxic non-staining formula destroys pet odors in the air and on surfaces.


  • Odor-Stop
    Highly effective and economical for severe odor problems... trash cans, dumpsters, drains, grease traps, restrooms, etc.
  • Smoke & Fire Odor Eliminator
    Neutralizes odors inside fireplaces, flues, mantles, and other areas affected by fires. Use for fire restoration before painting.
  • Petro Pulverizer
    Environmentally friendly industrial degreasing agent for engines, parts, magnesium and wire wheels, oil spills, etc.
  • Paint Odor Eliminator
    The name says it all. Removes 75% to 90% of odor we associate with both water & oil based coatings.
  • All Purpose Degreaser
    Pots, Pans, Hoods, Vents, Walls, and anywhere else in the kitchen.


  • Sting Out
    Soothes irritating insect bites, stings, and other abrasions caused by insects & plants.
  • Fisherman's Helper
    Great for "hiding" human odor from fish or using as a blood wash after the catch.
  • Sports Odor Eliminator
    Takes the funky odor from the jocks socks, straps, and other sports clothing.
  • Cover Scent for Hunters
    Makes the hunter "invisible" to the game's olfactory senses.
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