Bio Zapp for Bathtub Refinishing Products

Over 40 years ago, the invention of refinishing products introduced the obnoxious smell associated with those coatings. Professionals have struggled to rid the job site of the odors trying everything from scented masking agents to expensive air purification systems.
Nothing seemed to work...

Until Now!

...A little BIO ZAPP Paint Odor Eliminator added to your coating and reducer, coupled with the proper ventilation/exhaust equipment, will eliminate the odor within minutes.

Bio Zapp P.O.E., scientifically developed over 20 years ago, using oxygen as its catalyst during the spraying process, attacks the scent molecules and virtually kills the smell.

Testimony from a first time user:
I got a chance to try Biozapp today. WOW. I was extremely impressed with how well it worked. Once the tub was sprayed, I spent about 10 minutes cleaning up my equipment and went back in to pull the fan. Normally the odor is quite heavy but I barely smelled it. I also must add another benefit. I occasionally put some in a Preval sprayer for touch ups if needed and most times I don't go back to the truck to get a respirator. Since I have asthma, the fumes from the Preval usually kick in the asthma and I suffer for a day. I needed a bit of a touch up, sprayed without the respirator (as foolish as that is) and no asthma!

You have a great product. Consider me a life long user from this day forward.
—Rick - National Tub & Tile, Virginia

Wherever you work, whether it's in apartments, hotels, schools or homes, you've heard this question a hundred times.

The tub looks great, but, how long before the smell goes away?
You'll NEVER hear THAT question AGAIN!
Eliminate customer complaints, add BIO ZAPP to the paint!
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